• Product Description
      • Made in France
      • Unconventional touch
      • Original design stool

      Ella Petstool is not only stool, but delightfully playful and cozy companion enhanced with new aspects. Ella is a faithful and dedicated elephant who will be able to make itself useful as a stool or footstool! The seat is padded soft ensuring comfort, the feet are also covered.. In a very couture spirit, the quilted fabric has a elegant stitching and a neat finish. For casual lounge, a children's room. Everyone in the house will adopt the Ella Petstools Stool by Petite Friture. To ensure a comfortable use, the Ella Petstool is removable, facilitating the care of the fabric by a dry cleaning.

      Dimensions: 48 x H 60 cm
      Year Of Design: 2014
      Designer: Hanna Emelie Ernstring
      Material: Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Wood
      Care Instructions: Dry cleaning only
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Anthracite Grey Petstool Stool Ella The Elephant

€180,00 €360,00


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