• Product Description
      • Each in a unique size & shape
      • Water tight translucent effect created with glaze
      • Waterproof

      Lightweight and feminine ... This delicate set of 4 Pierced Pattern Porcelain Cups & Saucers is made of enamelled white china. Each cup has a different shape and is decorated with translucent geometric patterns: spots, criss-crosses and little flowers can be seen in the material. Glass and china sit side by side, an innovative mixture of materials that adds true refinement to the whole thing so you can sense the precious liquid inside.

      - Ø 8,6 x H6,8 cm, capacity: 260 ml
      - Ø 9,2 x H6,8 cm, capacity: 220 ml
      - Ø 7,5 x H8,2 cm, capacity: 230 ml
      - Ø 8,4 x H6,3 cm, capacity: 250 ml
      Material: Enamelled china openwork 
      Patterns: Translucent glass
      Care Instructions: Dishwasher-safe
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Pierced Pattern Porcelain Cups & Saucers - Set Of 4



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