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      • Made in Spain
      • Harmonious combination of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and industry
      • Perfect birthday gift

      Are you looking for an atypical ring that harmoniously combines tradition and innovation? The Knot & Nut ring by the Spanish designer Sabina Vargas is the jewel you need. This all-leather ring comes directly from Spain and Italy, it is designed with interchangeable elements thanks to a simple screwing and unscrewing mechanism. The ring is composed of a knot (Knot), a hand woven leather band inspired by Moroccan textile craftsmanship, a removable leather bracelet made by the leather craftsmen of Ubrique, a small village in the province of Cadiz and two nuts (Nut) and screws. For the creator, the knot is the toy of the ring but its true value lies in the way it was woven around the inner cylinder according to an ancestral technique.

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      Material: Leather
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Knot & Nut Ring


Size | 57

Color | Green


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Knot & Nut Ring