• Product Description
      • Designed by Paola Navone
      • For an arty table
      • Perfect set for your sushi evenings

      With her "Table nomade" collection, the famous Italian designer Paola Navone invites us on a culinary journey around the world for Serax. For your sushi evenings, bet on an arty, quirky and playful table thanks to these chopsticks holders in the shape of hands with red nails, perfectly manicured! The chopsticks poses (hashi oki in Japanese) are an essential element of the Japanese table: you place your red chopsticks there during the meal so that they are not in contact with the table.

      Chopsticks holder  ‣ L 20 cm
      Japanese chopsticks  ‣ H 0,5 cm
      Designer: Paola Navone
      Who is Paola Navone?
      Paola Navone is an architect, design, artistic director, decorator, designer of exhibitions and events. She stands out for her visionary style and eclectic philosophy. Paola Navone is in constant search of all the influences existing on the planet. She brings back from her travels ideas that she exploits in her work which exudes sensuality, the talent of mixtures and the intelligence of the fusion between the different cultures that she meets.
      Chopsticks holder ‣ Porcelain
      Japanese chopsticks ‣ Lacquered Wood
      Care Instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe
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Mains Chopstick Holders & Set of 2 Japanese Chopsticks



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