• Product Description
      • Designed to display flowers or branches sole beauty
      • The stone floats as the vase fills
      • Simple and refined design

      Lava is a single flower vase by Studio Macura. The charm and intrigue of this vase lies in the pumice stone which sites inside of the vase, through which center a 10 mm hole runs, floats naturally on water and as the vase is filled with water it raises to the top. There it keeps a single flower or branch in a straight standing position. By putting more or less water, you can make the flower show or go down. You can have a standing branch or a small flower for a delicate and modern decoration.

      Dimensions: 9,5 x 9,5 x 23 cm
      Year Of Design: 2015
      Material: Borosilicate glass, pumice stone, acrylic 
      Care Instructions: Hand wash with soap and water. Scrub pumice with brush to remove any plant residue and allow to air dry for a day or so.
  • Product Details

Single Flower Glass Vase Lava



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