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      • Urban growing
      • Open pollinated
      • 100% GMO free

      Thyme De Provence, or ‘Summer Thyme’, is a popular perennial herb that is well known for its culinary, medicinal and ornamental uses. With its tiny, soft, grey-green leaves and small, pinkish flowers, Thyme de Provence is spicier than common thyme and is the preferred option in authentic French cuisine. In fact, it is the leading component in the famous Herbes de Provencedried-herb mix, as well as in the Bouquet garni – a bundle of string-tied herbs used to flavour soups and stews. Use it to make a bouquet garni to flavour stocks and casserole dishes, or pair with roasted chicken for a beautifully fragrant Sunday roast.

      How to grow?

      - Sowing
      Indoor: Feb-Mar
      Outdoor: Apr-June

      - Timing
      Germination: : 15- 30 days
      Harvesting: 40-60 days

      - Spacing
      When sowing: 1-2 cm; Depth 0,5 cm
      When thinning: 3-5 cm

      - Growing
      Sunlight: Full Sun
      Soil: Well-drained, light and poor soil
      Watering: Regular, allow to dry out
      Feeding:  Addition of fertilizer is not necessary

      - Caring:
      Expert tip Thyme requires very little care, apart from occasional watering. Light pruning will help to maintain its compact-yet-bushy-shape. Thyme is a sun-loving plant, and the light draws out the pungent oils that make its flavour so strong.

      - Supporting
      Pollinators: Attract bees and butterflies
      Pest: Repels cabbage pests, whitefly and tomato hornworm

      Plant size:
      Height: 15 cm
      Width: 20 cm

      Container size:
      Height: 20 cm
      Width: 20 cm

      Quantity: 10 seeds

      Companion plants:Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, alpine strawberries.
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Thyme de Provence Seeds



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Thyme de Provence Seeds