Maison Fripon

Maison Fripon is a pretty French brand (Brest) of picture cards created by Laura Lasne, a young mother of two children.
It all started with the difficulty of finding pretty cards inspired by the Montessori pedagogy, illustrated rather than photographed, and on a variety of themes. After hours of searching, without satisfaction, Laura started to make them herself. The idea then came to offer beautiful imagiers to all those children eager to learn (from 18 months, under the supervision of their parents, to 5 years old) and to all those parents who are at a loss.
Each picture book proposed by Maison Fripon includes between 15 and 30 cards (depending on the theme), beautifully illustrated by Elisa from Studio Paon Paon and printed in duplicate (to allow more possibilities for games, such as memory).

Brand Country: France