1.  How do you define your concept / style / brand?


KROON 02 is strongly influenced by our childhood experiences. It's all about embracing the inner child, about encouraging the curious and the experimental, and about seeing the beauty in the simple things in life. We like to think of the brand as a playground for accessories. Experimentation and playfulness is our way to find unexpected results and create unique pieces.

We are two sisters, Charlotte creates and produces and Laurene handles the business and operations. The complementary skills make us the perfect team.

2. What are the responsible values, actions that your brand conveys? Why are they important to you?

We have a very personal approach to the brand as we believe it is so important nowadays to create pieces with a soul. This also means that our personal values are reflected in a direct way in the brand. Having grown up in nature and having spent our summers sailing, it goes without saying that sustainability is of great importance to us. Regarding materials, we use high-quality metals, yarns and beads. Our packaging is made from recycled material. Every step of our production is traceable, we work with our two main suppliers with whom we have a long-standing relationship. Our embroidery is made in Mumbai, India and our gold- and silver-plated styles are made in Bergamo, Italy.

3. Which of your creations do you like the most? Why do you like it the most?

We have to say all the hats we make, they represent boldness and confidence as well as a certain playfulness. All characteristics we want to represent as a brand.

However, when it comes to what we wear the most - it is probably the gold set (gold flower hoops with the bracelet and ring) just because it goes with everything and adds a touch of elegance to whatever you wear.

4. Tell us your story, your link with Luxembourg ?

We were both born and raised in Luxembourg. It’s where the family is, the childhood friends and many childhood memories - so there will forever be a strong link to Luxembourg for us both.

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