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      Mudam Luxembourg, the OK Center for Contemporary Art and the Regional Government of Madrid joined forces to co-produce this publication within the framework of the exhibitions which each of these institutions has held on Cristina Lucas’s work. Through her work, Cristina Lucas reminds us that art is not just a means of seduction, but also a way to make us aware of what is happening in our society. She turns democracy and the mechanisms of power into the main content of her work and analyses fundamental structures in politics and economics, thereby revealing the contradictions existing between the official view of history, the actual history and the collective memory. In her works, she studies cultural, social and political power structures, which she openly criticises in a way often not lacking in sense of humour. Rather than looking for easy answers, Cristina Lucas compels us to ask the right questions.

      Languages: English / Spanish
      Release date: 2017
      Pages: 112
      Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm
      Texts: Cristina Lucas, Gerardo Mosquera, Katerina Gregos, Estrella de Diego, Chantal, Pontbriand, Inti Guerrero, Jimena Blázquez, Sergio Rubira.
      Edited by: Mudam Luxembourg, OK Center for Contemporary Art, Regional Government of Madrid, Turner.
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Cristina Lucas - Wavelength



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