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      Borrowing its title from a 1884 book by Edwin A. Abbott, an allegoric narrative against dogmatism whose protagonists are geometric forms, this exhibition in two parts brings togehter artists from the 1960s to this day, taking inspiration from the abstract vocabularies that came to be used in the 20th century to infiltrate them with narratives. Their practices touch various artistic, social and cultural events, bringing back the conventional readings of abstraction and initiating one of the most paradoxical returns to narrative in contemporary art.

      Languages: French / English
      Release date: 2018
      Pages: 224
      Dimensions: 15 x 30 cm
      Texts: Marianne Derrien, Sarah Ihler-Meyer, Vincent Pécoil, Klaus Speidel
      Edited by: Mudam Luxembourg, Mrac Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditérranée, Editions Cantz
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Flatland - Abstractions Narratives



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