“Mirror Mirror on the Wall”, 2023. Rayyane Tabet - Number 10



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“Mirror Mirror on the Wall”, 2023. Rayyane Tabet - Number 10


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      Rayyane Tabet has collaborate with Mudam on this new exclusive artist's edition "Mirror Mirror on the wall", 2023 on the occasion of the exhibition  A Model: Prelude - Trilogy.
      An edition of 15 + 3 AP, each mirror signed and numbered by the artist.

      The edition consists of 15 antique mirrors on which seven dates have been laser-engraved, forming the core of the artist's exhibition:

      - 1732-1870: Fort Thüngen was erected in 1732. Demolition of Fort Thüngen began in 1870.
      - 1989-2006: On the night of November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell + the bill authorizing construction of the future museum was passed. 2006: The museum opens.
      - 1929-1933: Construction of Paimio sanatorium
      - 1950: Marriage of his grandparents
      - 05/06/1967 - 10/06/1967: Six-Day War Lebanon-Israel
      - 04/08/2020: 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored for six years in a warehouse in the port of Beirut exploded, killing 230 people.
      - 2023-2024: A Model exhibition at the museum

      Conceived as a unique expression of his work and based on contemporary and Luxembourgish history, each mirror is in constant dialogue with the artist's personal memory.

      Chosen for its reflective qualities, Rayyane Tabet invites us to see our own faces reflected amidst the various dates, and thus to take part in this reflection on history and the present.

      Each mirror is numbered and signed by the artist, testifying to her personal involvement in the creation of this limited edition. The edition is also accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate.

      In order to guarantee a safe delivery, the sipping costs including the insurance of the mirror are at your expense.
      The customs charges are not included (outside Europe).

      Title: “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”, 2023 - A Model: Prelude - Trilogy
      Artist: Rayyane Tabet
      Technique: Laser engraving
      Edition: Limited to 15 + 3 AP
      Number: 10/15
      Dimensions: 80 x 55 cm
      Date of work: 2023
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