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      • Made only of high-quality materials from Italy
      • Gift to offer
      • Silk scarf

      The Moonlight Flower Classic Silk Scarf is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. This high-quality scarf is handcrafted in Luxembourg with the finest pure silk, giving you the comfort and softness you desire. Update your look with this timeless piece and make a stylish statement.

      Inspired by nature, these scarf incorporates some beautiful ideas, which you can find everywhere around you to create a unique and timeless piece.

      This “Black&White” design has a lot of details. The flowers drawn with a pencil are reflecting the light and all the deep shadows of grey and black. Its a perfect gift idea!

      Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
      Material: 100% silk
      Care instructions:

      The scarf is made only of high-quality materials from Italy and we suggest you handle it with the extra care they deserve.

      - Avoid rubbing and pay particular attention when
      wearing jewelry that could damage or snag the delicate fabric

      -Avoid avoid applying perfume, hairspray, or greasy cremes on the delicate silks as these products may leave nasty stains

      -To ensure the long life, we advise to avoid cleaning them frequently, instead air them out to remove all odours and let the natural living fibre rest

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Moonlight Flower Classic Silk Scarf



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Moonlight Flower Classic Silk Scarf