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      This publication accompanies the biggest exhibition devoted to date to the work of the Belgian artist Wim Delvoye, famous for his first pieces mixing objects from building sites with Flemish decorative arts, for his controversial projects Cloaca and Art Farm, and for his recent ‘Gothic’ pieces. Going back on the wondrous presence of the artist’s work in Luxembourg since 1993, the introduction by Enrico Lunghi, director of Mudam and exhibition curator, is followed by the essay ‘Vitraux in vitro et in vivo’ written by Michel Onfray in 2006, when the chapel was created. Two essential unpublished essays have been added, ‘The Capitalist Sublime’ by Tristan Trémeau, an art critic, art historian and teacher, and ‘Wim Delvoye, Poïetics and Aesthetics’, by Sofia Eliza Bouratsis, author and exhibition curator. Conceived in close collaboration with the artist, the important iconographic section offers a comprehensive overview of his work, from his first childhood drawings (Early Works) to his most recent creations.

      Languages: French / English
      Release date: 2016
      Pages: 224
      Dimensions: 24,5 x 29,7 cm
      Edited by: Mudam Luxembourg, Somogy éditions d’Art
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Wim Delvoye



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