Blanlac is a Luxembourgish startup that also relies on Italian excellence to combine quality, beauty, craftsmanship, sustainable development and ethics. BLANLAC brand is a passionate project of its founder Lydia Leu-Sarritzu. The brand has been launched in 2018 with a first collection that aims to be timeless, far from fleeting fashions, cultivating a classic style but always elegant. Blanlac shoes and accessories are distinguished and timeless, with a style of great finesse. All models are vegan , ethical and eco-responsible. They have this little ""je-ne-sais-quoi"", that dolce vita scent that has a crazy chic and that makes them inimitable. Designed by hand by passionate Italian artisans, they are the fruit of an ancestral know-how, of mastered gestures and executed with love, which sublimates the smallest details. The lines are sober and refined, the innovative materials and the comfortable design, has with all the quality of "100% Made In Italy".

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