Gisel B

The Mudam Store is:
"a prestigious place where I can exhibit my GISEL B jewellery. It is also a perfect transition with the Marché des Créateurs, a place where all my Luxembourgish clientele can try on my jewellery."






Behind the custom jewellery made in France brand Gisel B, hides the young French designer Clémence Masson. Gisèle is both her middle name and that of her grandmother who gave her a taste for couture and above all" hand-made "with love. Clémence creates high-end jewelry. She builds her jewellery collections as timeless pieces, combining the graphic aspects with the femininity of a piece of jewelry. She offers chic, refined jewelry always embellished with a little ethnic and bohemian touch. Gisel B jewels are fashioned in noble materials and are mostly gilded with fine gold. The Gisel B woman is multiple, she is as wise as reckless, sensitive than daring, dynamic that idle but always passionate about fashion and creation.

Brand Country: France