General Sales Conditions

The sales conditions herein are agreed, on the one hand, by the Mudam Store, the shop of the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean,
based at 3, Park Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg, with the e-mail address and the website, inscribed in the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Luxembourg under
the number G58, with the VAT number LU17675186, hereafter referred to as ‘Mudam Store’, and, on the other hand, any non-professional natural person or legal entity wishing to make a purchase via the website, hereafter referred to as ‘the buyer’.

Article 1. Subject

The sales conditions herein seek to define the contractual relationship between Mudam Store and the buyer, as well as the conditions applicable to all purchases undertaken via the website The purchase of any product via this website implies an unqualified acceptance on the part of the buyer of these sales conditions, which are acknowledged by the buyer prior to making the order. The click validating an order has the value of an online signature and entails a full acceptance of the sales conditions. Before any transaction, the buyer declares, on the one hand, that the purchase of products on the website bears no direct relationship to his/her professional activity and is confined to a strictly personal use and, on the other hand, that he/she has the full legal capacity to commit him/herself to these general sales conditions.
Mudam Store reserves the possibility of modifying these sales conditions at any time, in order to comply with any new regulations or improve the use of its website. In such cases, the prevailing conditions on the date of the order made by the buyer will be applicable.

Article 2. Products

The products on offer are those shown on the website, subject to the availability of stocks. Mudam Store reserves the right to modify the selection of products at any time. Each product is presented on the website in the form of a description summarising its main technical characteristics. The photographs are as faithful to reality as possible but do not constitute any commitment on the part of the Mudam Store. The products presented on the website are offered for sale to all buyers. Any sale outside the European Union will require a previous delivery agreement on the part of Mudam Store in the country in question, provided that this country fully authorises the entrance of the purchased products into its territory. In such a case, the buyer acts as an importer of the products in question. The buyer takes responsibility for any declarations to the relevant authorities and agencies and assumes any customs duties or other local taxes or import tarifs that may be required.

Article 3. Prices

The prices shown in the product files of the online catalogue are in euros (€), with all taxes included, taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the VAT rate may be reflected in the price of the products. Mudam Store reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, although it is understood that only the price shown in the catalogue on the day of the order will be applicable. Any subsequent change in the price will not affect the aforementioned price. The sales prices indicated do not include the delivery charge, which is billed on top of the sales price and depends on the total cost of the order. This charge includes packaging, handling and the cost of postage.

Article 4. Ordering and payment methods

The buyer selects the products that he/she wishes to order for the ‘basket’, modifies the details as required (quantities, references, etc.) and checks the delivery address, or replaces it with a new one. The delivery charge is then calculated and shown to the buyer. Next, the buyer chooses the type of bank card to be used for the payment: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or V Pay. The next stage involves checking all the data that have been given, as well as acknowledging the general sales conditions presented herein and accepting them by ticking the corresponding box. The buyer is then invited to validate the order by clicking the button ‘Confirm my order’. Finally, the buyer is directed to the secured and encrypted interface of Mollie e-payment services in order to provide, with total security (3D Secure), the details of his/her personal bank card. If the payment is accepted, the order is registered and the definitive contract takes effect. The price is payable on making the order, and the payment by bank card is irrevocable.
Confirmation of an order implies acceptance of these sales conditions and acknowledgement of perfect understanding of them. The set of data provided and the registration of the confirmation will serve as proof of the transaction. If the buyer has an e-mail address and has added this to his/her order details, Mudam Store will send confirmation of the registration of the order by e-mail.
Mudam Store reserves the right to not register a payment and not confirm an order, for whatever reason, particularly in the event of a problem with stocks or a legal dispute in progress with the buyer, and to verify the personal data supplied by the buyer and take any measure considered necessary to verify that the person who has made the order is indeed the named holder of the buyer's account, and/or to check the means of payment used, in order to prevent any identity theft or fraudulent payment.
Mudam Store commits itself to fulfilling the orders received on its website only within the limits of its available stocks. If one or more of the ordered articles are unavailable, Mudam Store commits itself to informing the buyer of this eventuality as soon as possible and, if necessary, to make a reimbursement within a maximum of fourteen days from the date on which it exercised its right of withdrawal. The buyer's order will thus be partially or wholly cancelled.

If the buyer wishes to contact Mudam Store, he/she can do so by post to the following address: Mudam Luxembourg, 3, Parc Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg; or by e-mail to the following address:; or by telephone at +352 453785-980 .

Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Article 5. Retention of title

Mudam Store retains the full and complete property of the products that it sells until it receives the full payment of the price, additional charges and included taxes.

Article 6. Delivery

Deliveries are made to the address indicated in the details of the order and can be made only within the agreed geographical area. Orders are fulfilled by a delivery service. Delivery schedules are given only as guidelines; if a delivery period exceeds thirty days, from the date of the order, the buyer can terminate the sales contract and will receive a reimbursement. The delivery is made to the buyer’s home. In the event of the buyer’s absence, he/she will receive a delivery notice that will indicate where to collect the dispatch or invite him/her to arrange another appointment. If the order is received by a third party, it is not incumbent on the provider of the transport service or the Post Office to verify the identity of the person prepared to accept this order by signing the delivery sheet. Signature of the delivery sheet confirms the good receipt of the order, its contents and the number of associated packages indicated on the delivery sheet. Mudam Store cannot be held responsible for a delay in the delivery due exclusively to the unavailability of the buyer after several proposals for appointments. If the buyer does not collect his/her package during the period in which it is retained by the delivery service, the products will be returned to Mudam Store and the order will be cancelled. Mudam Store will reimburse the sales price to the buyer, minus the costs of the dispatch and the return, which will be incumbent on the buyer.
In the event that the buyer has indicated an incorrect or incomplete delivery address and the package cannot be delivered, the charge for its return is incumbent on the buyer. If the buyer wants us to send the package again, the shipping costs will be charged to the buyer.
The buyer is responsible for checking the condition of the delivered articles.Any anomaly (e.g., an article on the delivery sheet that proves to be missing, a damaged or open package, a broken article, etc.) must be reported by e-mail within three days of the delivery, accompanied by photographs serving as proof, to the following address:

Article 7. Withdrawal

The buyer has a period of fourteen calendar days from the receipt of the order in which he/she can exercise his/her right of withdrawal and thus return the product to the seller for a replacement or a reimbursement free of charge, excluding the costs of the dispatch and the return. If the last day of this period is not a working day, the period will be extended until the next working day. The returns must be undertaken by registered or tracked mail, in their complete original state, with their original packaging intact, and in perfect condition to resell. Any damage sustained by the products during this process may provide the basis for a loss of the right of withdrawal.

Before proceeding to send back the products, the buyer will inform Mudam Store of his/her withdrawal at the address Mudam Store, 3, Parc Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg or by e-mail at

Mudam Store in its turn will issue a receipt to acknowledge the request for withdrawal.
When the right to withdrawal is exercised, the products will be reimbursed within fourteen days of the date on which Mudam Store received, at the aforementioned address, proof of the dispatch of these articles or, if applicable, confirmation of the receipt of the products by a transport service. The date established for the reimbursement will correspond with the first of these two eventualities.
Please note that, in accordance with the prevailing legal provisions, in the event of any damage or sign of use in the returned products as a result of handling going beyond those required to establish their nature, characteristics and correct functioning, Mudam Store will consequently be able to reduce the total sum of the reimbursement.

Article 8. Guarantee
All the products supplied by Mudam Store enjoy the seller’s legal guarantee. In the event of any anomaly or hidden defect in a sold product, the latter can be returned to Mudam Store, which will take back, replace or reimburse it. Any complaints or requests for a replacement or reimbursement must be sent by post to the following address: Mudam Store, 3, Parc Dräi Eechelen, L-1499 Luxembourg, or by e-mail to, within thirty days of the delivery.

Article 9. Responsibility

Mudam Store is bound only by an obligation of due care in the online sales process. It cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from use of the Internet, such as data loss, intrusion, viruses, service breakdown or any other unintended problem. Mudam Store cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from incorrect use of a purchased product.

Article 10. Intellectual property

All the elements of are and will remain the exclusive intellectual property of Mudam Luxembourg. No other party is authorised to reproduce, exploit or use, in any way, even partially, any elements of the website, whether in the form of a photograph, logo, graphic or text. Any link, whether basic or hypertext, is strictly forbidden without the previous express permission of Mudam Store in writing.

Article 11. Personal data

In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 covering the protection of natural persons with respect to data of a personal nature, Mudam Luxembourg has implemented a specific policy that the buyer can consult on the web page "Privacy Policy".
Mudam Store is committed to preserving the confidentiality of the information provided by the buyer, as required for the use of certain services. Any information concerning the buyer is subject to legal provisions for data protection. Accordingly, the buyer has the right to access, modify or delete any information that concerns him/her. The buyer can request to do this at any time via an e-mail to

Article 12. Settlement of disputes

These conditions for online sale and the contract between Mudam Store and the buyer are subject to the law of Luxembourg. Any dispute or litigation will be heard in the relevant court in Luxembourg.