1. How do you define your concept / style / brand?
Trained in luxury accessory design and with a great passion for ceramics and fine crafts, I create collections of cloisonne earthenware art objects by developing graphic and symbolic motifs. I use these same motifs in my textile and stationery collections to create an hybrid and multi-support concept. I try to touch the spectator's soul by animating the material and showing traditional know-how in a contemporary context.

2. What are the responsible values, actions that your brand conveys? Why are they important to you?

I attach great importance to craftsmanship and the authenticity of handmade products. I find a unique touch that no machine can transcribe. For this reason, many of my creations are unique pieces or limited series that convey the values of high-end craftsmanship and local production. I wish to awaken curiosity about the know-how and the impact of our consumption patterns on society.

3. Which of your creations do you like the most? Why do you like it the most?

To be honest, I don't have a favourite object or product. What stimulates me is the creative process itself and sharing it with the audience. Once the piece is finished, I don't care about the material, as I am creating it for the world. What I particularly enjoy are special commissions where I take on personal requests from clients and am challenged to express and materialise their ideas. It's a bit like they are involved in the creation, and I'm very happy with these projects.

4. Tell us your story, your link with Luxembourg ?

Luxembourg is my country. I live and work here, putting my 12 years of experience in Paris and Milan at the service of local creation and entrepreneurship. Influencing my different cultural markings, I work on international collaborations, while raising awareness of Luxembourgish creation via exhibitions abroad and on several specialised platforms.

5. Give us a story on the “Made in Luxembourg

My ceramic creations are labelled "Made in Luxembourg" and are entirely handmade in my workshop at 1535 Creative Hub in Differdange. It is a symbolic place for the creative industries and cultural heritage. I feel very lucky to be able to be part of this community and to create more links with Luxembourg's creative scene.