1. How do you define your concept / style / brand?
Romantico Romantico is a jewelry brand "made in Luxembourg". The collection was launched in 2019 with a range of jewelry
created from vintage or contemporary pearls, collected over time.
over time. We currently work with pearls from Japan, Thailand and Singapore. My passion is creativity, Romantico Romantico is my platform to make people dream, to take them into a world of affordable fashion while keeping an exclusive aesthetic.
Necklaces, bracelets and earrings constitute-
a collection, but each piece is unique, because the pearls
are all different. All models are handcrafted
in the studio-workshop located in the heart of the country.

2. What are the responsible values, actions that your brand conveys? Why are they important to you?

We make sustainable handcrafted jewelry, focusing on incredible quality and transparency throughout development. We work with 18-carat gold plating and palladium plating, as well as sustainably grown freshwater pearls.
Romantico Romantico takes a very hands-on approach to design and production, with almost the entire collection handcrafted in-house and the remainder produced by our goldsmith in Italy. The complete traceability of our production chain allows us to better control the raw materials we use. Our priority has always been to ensure sustainable and ethical practices at every stage of the process.
Virtually everything is also made to order, so we don't end up with deadstock. With this in mind, we reuse every part of the collection if it's not sold, and design a new style around the materials, giving them a new life and reducing any remaining waste.
We believe that the key to sustainable development is to love and care for the things we own, while supporting local trade and prioritizing environmental protection. 

3. Which of your creations do you like the most? Why do you like it the most?

 I think it's the "Caramella" pearl necklace. It's timeless. I love this necklace because on the one hand, the pearl is very chic and dressy, but on the other, the mix of different pearls gives it a more playful, casual feel. It can also be worn as a "double bracelet", making this creation multifunctional. I think that describes me too. I'm always multi-tasking.

4. Tell us your story, your link with Luxembourg ?


I'm from Luxembourg, so I was born and raised here. After high school, I studied fashion in Barcelona and Milan. I worked for major fashion houses in New York and Berlin before deciding to return to my native country. I love Luxembourg and the opportunities it offers. Right now, until Christmas, we're located in a Pop-Up in Luxembourg City at 26 rue des Capucins. I'm extremely grateful that the city has given me such a wonderful opportunity.

5. Give us a story on the “Made in Luxembourg

Romantico Romantico was proud to represent Luxembourg at the World Expo in Dubai last year. Fait-main is a rarity in Luxembourg. It's a lot of work, but it's a real meditation. 

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