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      Published conjointly with the four museum partners to the exhibition, the Fiona Tan - Geography of Time catalogue presents six previously unpublished essays, lavishly illustrated, that centre on the transversal reflections that cross Fiona Tan’s work, like the temporal and cinematographic dimension of her works and the notion of gaze, or focus on specific projects like the ambitious Vox Populiand the video installation Nellie. Together, those texts offer a broad overview of the artist’s work, from her first pieces linked to the question of archives to her recent installations Ghost Dwellings.

      Languages: English / German / Norvegian / Hebrews
      Release date: 2015
      Pages: 208
      Dimensions: 22,5 x 22,5 cm
      Authors: Eva Klerck Gange, Christophe Gallois, Peter Gorschlüter, Angela Jerardi, Jenny Hval, Ruth Direktor.
      Edited by: Mudam Luxembourg, Koenig Books, Londres.

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Fiona Tan - Geography of Time



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