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      The catalogue of the exhibition Portugal Agora was devised by Marco Godinho. The artist plays with the graphic vocabulary to question the notions of place and origin, the location of elements and their relations. Composition and rhythm connect the works exhibited on the model of topographic maps. A system of geographical coordinates, latitudes and longitudes, help us situate the pieces. The book arouses the curiosity of the reader for, as in old publications, she/he has to cut open the pages if they wish to discover the images beyond the graphic grids. They can then write down their reflections and commentaries on cartographic pages, the genuine thread to the book that is presented like a sketch book and is referred to as an atlas.

      Languages: French / Portuguese
      Release date: 2007
      Pages: 360
      Dimensions: 19 x 29 cm
      Authors: Natxo Checa, Óscar Faria, João Fernandes.
      Edited by: Mudam Luxembourg
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Marco Godinho - Portugal Agora - A Propos Des Lieux D'Origine



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