Dayanita Singh

My medium is photography. I twist it and turn it, I wrestle with it – until the form reveals itself to me. That is my work as an artist. To excavate the potentials photography is pregnant with.” — Dayanita Singh Dayanita Singh conceives of photography as the raw material for her work. She draws perfect circles here: her photographs become a book, which becomes an exhibition, which becomes a catalogue. Discover exclusively at Mudam Store the signed limited-edition publication "Dancing with my Camera." Find three objects that are both a form of exhibition and a work of art in itself: the "My life as a museum" jacket, the "accordion" book Kishori tai and the "Director, Curator, Registrar" paperweight. Take home a nice souvenir of the exhibition "Dancing with my Camera" in a unique tote-bag made in limited edition for Mudam.

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