“Design in life“ is Lexon’s creed
For over 30 years, Lexon has been pioneering creative solutions in the world of objects and communication by balancing a unique artistic and industrial equation. The Lexon Products are created by a network of over 40 international designers, including Eugeni Quittlet, Matthieu Lehanneur, the Elium Studio or again Marc Berthier.
Innovative, well designed and manufactured, their products are both timeless and functional. Bases on a simple philosophy: to delight and be useful. Nevertheless, their products are also designed to have an emotional impact on their users too. Lexon Product start with imagination, are realized through effective design and find their way to enhance your desk and workspace.

Products include design electronics, audio, travel accessories, office like Alarm Clocks, Bluetooth Speaker, Radios and so much more.

Brand Country: France